Over the last while it is becoming more apparent that an increasingly large amount of media buyers at the big agencies are leaving media sellers out in the cold.

Specifically, inexperienced buyers that are short on time and juggling big budgets just want the rates and data and no selling propositions from the media vendors.  With more media options available then ever before, the competition for attention is fierce to begin with, let alone being disregarded, or worse disrespected.  Alarmingly, I hear more stories of last minute (literally in the lobby), media sellers being informed that the meeting is cancelled, cut short or filled in with a junior staffer who doesn’t have the experience to evaluate the media sellers proposition.

Not all media buyers are created equal. Your media spends, no matter how big or small, should be respected and placed in the right hands to maximize their impact. When was the last time you were sent a POV on a new opportunity, or had some media creativity injected into your media campaign? Or were presented with added value beyond a standard rate discount?

When was the last time you were wowed by your media campaign?

For 20 years MacKinnon Calderwood has embraced a respectful relationship with all of our media partners, and we mean partners!  Our media partners know our clients’ business well and it is due to this long-term and mutually respectful relationship that they will come to us first with new ideas and platforms to help us achieve our clients’ goals. Media sellers deserve a seat at the table and in our opinion are a most welcome ally.  Managing and building these relationships takes experience and staying power, something we know well.