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How do you make a connection with your consumers in Quebec? It starts with the message! Are you using humour, have you tapped into the local star-system?  French Canadians have a passion for laughter and the draw of local talent plays an important role when connecting with your Québécois consumer. This unique group of Canadians do not interact with media in the same way that the English population do. The French population cannot be treated as a part of a National plan without recognizing their distinctive media usage habits.

Internet’s time share…
Usage in French Canada still lags that of English Canada, yet has grown from 11% of media time in 2001 to 29% of media time spent in 2012. Internet is now the #2 reach medium for adults 18-24 and 25-34 in Quebec.

They love their radio…             
Quebecers have a long-standing love-affair with radio – and some of the highest loyalty when it comes to hours tuned. On average, Quebecers listen to radio for more than 22 hours per week (well above the national average).

Keeping it local…                      
Quebecers index the highest for taking holidays in Canada; 70% of Quebecers will take an annual vacation as opposed to 30% of Canadians.

MCA can help you to Connect with Québécois Canadians.